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Getting Google AdSense approval is not very hard still yet, however, some newbies still feel it hard. Because they have applied many times for AdSense account but they got rejected by google by saying “Your site is not ready to show AdSense ads yet. You need to fix things before showing ads on your site because your site violates the AdSense policies”.

I completely agree that Google AdSense approval is not a small achievement for newbies, after all, it’s a dream for them, and the same I was thinking when I started.! But Google rejects them for AdSense approval and many of them lose hope and stop working.

So, this article is dedicated to those who got rejected by google by getting the policy violation message. I bet Google will never underestimate your site if you apply all the things/techniques on your site which I suggest throughout this article.

So, without wasting a single second of time let’s dive into this step-by-step article to get the next Google AdSense approval for your site.

What is Google AdSense?

What is Google adsense | how to get adsense approval

Well, you are searching for Google Adsense approval, you must be familiar with AdSense. Because Google Adsense is the world’s most famous platform for website and blog monetization by showing relevant ads on them. And Google provides a platform to monetize websites and blogs.

If you get approved for Google AdSense, Google puts relevant ads on your site based on your niche or user’s demographic and interests so that, you can get maximum clicks and impressions on these ads.

For it Google pays you money based on impressions (sometimes) and clicks. The number of clicks you get the number of money you earn.

How to Get Google Adsense Apporval?

To get approved by Google for AdSense the first and most obvious thing is, you have to create your pages as Google wants.

You should keep few things in mind which I am listing below so, that Google can approve your AdSense account-

1- Create Pages Primarily for users not for search engines-

As Google itself mentioned it inside its webmaster guidelines that they want web pages primarily for users, not for search engines. So you have to create your pages by keeping your users in mind not the search engine at all. Because search engines are capable in finding your page and rank it if it provides value to users.

Note, this not true all the time that search engines will rank your page automatically but they can. There are a lot more pieces of stuff involved behind the ranking of any page such as SEO, Backlinks, DA, Page Speed, and hundreds of ranking factors.

To know more about them you can read the webmaster guidelines.

2- Write Informational Content

Do you know? about 80% of the searches on search engines like Google are informational searches. That means more people are looking for information So if you write more informational content your chances are higher to rank as well as Google loves it that you haven’t written content based on other search intent except for informational search intent. It will help you to get AdSense approval fast.

You can write content based on other search intents also, but you should have 50% or more articles based on informational search intent at least until you get Adsense approval.

3- Write in Depth Content

I would like you to ask this question to yourself- Do I Write Content In depth? if the answer is no there is a need for change.

Why its so important to write content in depth?

Just not to get approved for google AdSense, there are a lot more reasons to write in depth content-

  • If your content is not in depth it sums up in less than 500 words, two things will happen with your site-
    • Your bounce rate might increase and Google might feel your pages are not good enough and they don’t provide much value to users.
    • your session duration dramatically will decrease and you will not be able to maximize your traffic and earnings on your site.

4- Create an About and a Contact page?

If you don’t have about and contact pages yet, create them as soon as you can. Because I don’t want you to be a spammer in the eyes of Google.

Having an about and a contact page is very important for every website, but newbies don’t pay attention on it, they think its not necessary but it is.

Your users and and Google wants to know about you that, who are you? What you do? Etc.

So it is important to having an about page and a contact page on your website.

5- Your Site Must Look Authoritative-

Before applying for Google AdSense you must put good amount of content on your site So, the Google can’t disapprove your request for AdSense.

Keep in mind you have to make Google feel that your site is good enough to run AdSense ads on it. Because Google doesn’t permit AdSense to those sites which doesn’t have good amount of content.

Does Affiliate Links Affects Google AdSense Approval?

No, As Google mentioned earlier within the webmaster guidelines that affiliate links don’t impact your Google Ranking and Adsense as well.

So, don’t worry if you put affiliate links on your site or within your blogs. Google understands that you want to maximize your earnings with the help of affiliate marketing. Google just asks you to mention your affiliate links properly if you are putting them on your site.

How Much Articles/Blogs Should I Have on My Site Before Applying For Google AdSense?

It’s not about quantity its about value, the much value you provide on your site the higher your chances for earnings.

Roughly, you will need 30+ good articles at least to get Google AdSense approval.

If your articles are finished in less than 500 words you might need 40-50 articles to get approved by Google for Adsense.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives?

If you have tried everything and Google is not approving you for AdSense account, then you can try these AdSense alternatives which are listed below. I am listing these alternatives for you so that you can start your earning as soon as possible.

You can earn revenue from these platforms until you get Google AdSense approval.

1- is the best alternative to Google AdSense. It is one of the largest network of advertisers. And it lets you to maximize your ad revenue here is how?

If you use platform to monetize your content then, provides you variety of ads which you can put on your site to get maximum ad revenue.

  • Contextual Ads, contextual ads open up advertising search budgets worth billions of dollars. This format filters the user’s intent via relevant search keywords, resulting in finely targeted ads and much higher revenues as advertisers are willing to pay more for visitors with qualified intent.
  • Display Ads, provides you easy access to high-quality display ads by connecting with all the major buyer networks and managing operational overheads.
  • Native Ads, Tap into ever-increasing native budgets with’s native ads. They are completely customized to the look and feel of your pages for higher user engagement. You also have the option to drive your audience to contextually relevant articles on your site through the native unit.


AdVersal is also the one of the best alternative of Google AdSense. You can try adversal to monetize your website so that you can start generating revenue using your site.

It is one of the best advertisement platform which provides native ads for your site to maximize the ad revenue.

To be eligible for adversal your site must have-

  • Have its own domain name
  • Have at least 50,000 page views per month
  • The content on your site must be in a proper format.
  • Make sure you are not uploading any adult content on your site such as pronography etc.


You can use pop ads to monetize your content if Google is not approving you for AdSense. PopAds pays good ad revenue so, that you can establish a good earning source for your website.

The best thing about PopAds is it processes payment requests daily for publishers. That simply means you can get money inside your bank account on daily basis.

PopAds provides high quality ads for publisher which they can put on their site to start earning revenue.

4- Adfly

If no one is accepting your ads-request you can try adfly. Using this ad network you can earn money by placing your URLs and the number of clicks you get on these URLs the number of money you earn.

Even if you don’ t have a website, you can earn money by adfly by placing your links on social media platforms.

Suggested Read, importance of social media marketing.


Thorough out this article I tried my best to provide you best practical knowledge to get Google AdSense approval even in first try. So, that you can get AdSense approval as soon as possible.

I wrote this article because I just want to help to get your first earning report. If you still feel any doubt or any catchy gap during this article, which you feel should be covered during this article feel free to ask me in the comment section.

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