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Do you want to create a website using WordPress for your business or start a blog? But you are confused while choosing between wordpress.com vs wordpress.org.

If you don’t know which one you should choose in between WordPress.com or WordPress.org.

which of them is better and which you should choose for your work?

If you want to know about the major differences between WordPress.org and WordPress.com, then read this article.

Because this article covers in-depth knowledge about WordPress.com vs WordPress.org.

This article will also guide you to choose the best option for you, so that you can start your work with WordPress without any confusion.

Along with it, I will show you which of them (WordPress.com or WordPress.org) I presonally use for my site, and why do I use?

So, keep reading this article till the end.

WordPress defined?

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

WordPress is a CMS( Content Management System), which helps in creating and managing small as well as big websites.

It is the most powerful CMS tool for website creation.

It’s easier to manage and create any website with WordPress.

Because it provides easy to use drag and drop website creation tools which anyone can use to create a site or blog.

WordPress is open-source and free to use software for anyone for any purpose.

WordPress was designed for website creation and till now WordPress is the most powerful CMS.

You can use and get WordPress on two various platforms that is WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

Here most of the beginners go confuse, is wordpress.com or wordpress.org are different software? Which of them should I use?

So my answer is both are the same they are not different.

You can setup your site using WordPress.com or with WordPress.org both are the same software(CMS).

But still, WordPress.org for website creation is better choice.

Even, I personally use WordPress.org for my websites.

Why it is better to create a site with WordPress.org?

We will cover it up in the next headings so keep reading

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

What is WordPress.com

As I told you WordPress.com and WordPress.org both are the same software.

So don’t go confuse here that they are different.

But still, you might get some variations while choosing one for your site.

So, if you choose to set up your site with WordPress.com you have to host your site with WordPress.com itself.

And you have to purchase your domain with WordPress.com if you want to use your own domain for your site.

Or you can use Wordress.com’s subdomain (yoursitename.wordpress.com) for free with a lot more limitations.

If you have purchased your domain from somewhere like GoDaddy, you have to transfer it to wordpress.com or you can update the DNS, but for it you have to purchase the plan of wordpress.com.

WordPress.com provides you 5 Plans-

  1. Free – Very Limited Resources.
  2. Personal – Paid
  3. Premium – Paid
  4. Business – Paid
  5. E-Commerce – Paid

On the other hand, WordPress.org is a fully customizable CMS.

If you use wordpress.org, you can customize and setup your site on an environment wherever you want to set it up.

Where you have all the access to your site.

Using wordpress.org you can host your site from any of the web hostings which you like.

If you use wordpress.org, you can switch your web hosting provider later, if you wish to switch It.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Who is more better?

Obviously, choosing wordpress.org is more better choice if you want to make your site a brand.

Why wordpress.org is better?

Here I am going to list out some major points that will clear you why WordPress.org is more better over WordPress.com


You have all the admin access, even you can access a every single file or page of your site if you use wordpress.org.

You can access all the plugins, themes and every single line of code of your site.

#2-C-Panel Access

If you host your site with C-Panel hosting like BlueHost, you can access to the C-Panel of your site.

Where you have the access to your site Database, Root Directory, FTP-access, Coding of your site, etc.

Sometime it is very important to have C-Panel or FTP access to your site, in case if you want to make some technical changes to your site.

If you use wordpress.com you can’t access to the C-Panel but you get FTP access to your site, but for it, you must have WordPress.com’s business plan or higher.

#3-Plugins and Themes

It’s very easy to manage and install new plugins and themes with wordpress.org.

If you want to use and install new plugins with wordpress.com, you have to purchase a plan in order to use and install them.

#4-You host your site on your own web hosting

If you use wordpress.org, you have to choose your most favourite web hosting to host your site.

That means you can access everything on your site and make changes to your site according to your wish.

You don’t need to take permission from any third person to access your own site.


It’s not mention anywhere that wordpress.org is more authoritative than wordpress.com.

But I feel wordpress.org has more authority than wordpress.com.

Because it’s very easy to customize your site when needed. Along with it, you have all the access to your site without any limitations.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Which of them you should use?

If you want to make your site a brand, you must go for wordpress.org.

I have listed above the major pros of using wordpress.org for your site.

If you are serious about website creation and want to make it fully optimized then wordpress.org is the better choice for you.

WordPress.org is free to use CMS you don’t need to purchase any plan to use it, but you may need to invest some money while purchasing web hosting and website domain.

Here is my best and recommended web hosting for you, the web hosting from BlueHost.

If you purchase web hosting from BlueHost you will get a free domain with heart-winning web hosting.

So, you must go with BlueHost first to start your online journey.

Because you will get the web hosting at an affordable price and a free domain for your site with excellent services.

##How to Choose a Best WebHosting##

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Who is more Popular?

Obviously, the original one the WordPress.org is the most popular one.

Because wordpress.org falls under the GPL version-2 or later license.

It is the original WordPress which is the most powerful CMS tool for website creation.

WordPress.org has gained so much popularity because of its easy to use darg and drop website creation features with no coding.

You can use WordPress.org without any limitations. You are free to use any theme, plugin, any setting which you want to adapt for your site.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – Who is mostly used by professionals?

Obviously, the original one the WordPress.org is the mostly preferred by professionals.

Because WordPress.org is free to use CMS with no limitation.

You can use it as you want for any purpose.

With WordPress.org you are free to make any changes within the software or your site.

You get all the access to your site. You can modify the software according to your needs and wish.

Can I move my site from WordPress.com to WordPress.org?

Last But Not the least, now you may or may not have budget to purchase web hosting and website domain to host your site using WordPress.org.

that’s why you want to use WordPress.com’s free service(Limited resources).

But as you will get your budget you might want to switch your Site or Blog From WordPress.com to WordPress.org.

So, yes you can transfer your site or blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org if you wish.

By the way, Bluehost provides web hosting at a very affordable price with free domain and with excellent services.

You can host your site with Bluehost without driving to much impact on your pocket.


In this article I tried my best to make an illustrative content for you. So that you can take better decision in between WordPress.com vs WordPress.org.

If you still feel any catchy gap or any doubt which you feel should be covered through this article.

Feel free to ask me in the comment section.


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