Importance of Social Media Marketing

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The first and most obvious importance of social media marketing is, the Business that advertises its products or services online can reach more people and customers than those businesses that don’t advertise themselves.

If you want to know how important the social media marketing is for the growth of any business? And you want to start social media marketing for your benifit? Then it’s a must-read article for you.

I highly recommend you to read this complete article because I am going to share the top secrets of social media mearketing with some real life examples, which are mostly shared on paid coaching classes.

So, What Is Social Media Marketing?

In social media marketing, social media platforms are used to promote products and services in front of social media users.

Product or products may be anything old or brand new.

Social media marketing is also known as E-markrting or online marketing.

Well, social media platforms(facebook, Instagram) are booming in the industry with millions of active users.

So, brands found such platforms useful to promote their products or services to acquire customers.

So, they use social media platforms to promote their products.

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Brands use social media platforms to reach more people and to acquire more customers.

Social media platforms have a very important role because they have millions even billions of users of different category.

Different category means, social media users who have an interest in different things. Some of them love cricket, some of them love football etc.

Different age, some of them are older, then some of them are younger or teenager.

Gender, some of them are males, some of them are females and a few of them might be transgender.

Hobby, Some love watching movies, then some love singing etc.

Passions, Someone wants to be a doctor then another one wants to be an engineer or entrepreneur etc.

Relationship status, Some of the social media users are married, then some of them are single, some of them are divorced and some of them are committed with their Boyfriend or girlfriend.

Job-status, people on social media have a different job status.

Brand’s perspective (How Brands Think)

Now brands found these things helpful for them. As social media users are different from each other.

And brands also want to promote their products or service in front of interested people so that they can generate sales easily.

So what brands do? they target those people who have a higher interest in buying their products or services. Because it’s not worth targeting those people who are not interested in buying the products.

So, with the help of social media marketing brands can reach their targeted audiences who have a higher interest in the products or services which brands are providing them.

Social media marketing or online marketing is 10x more effective than traditional marketing. Because in traditional marketing brands can’t target the right audiences. Brands have to target all, then they will filter right audiences for them.

Social media marketing is important because-

  • Not all people on social media platforms are same but many of them. Let’s say N number of people on social media have same interest. But total-N number of people have different status, interest, etc.
  • That means you can reach the audiences or people who matters most to you and your products or services.
  • Using social media platforms, you or brands can target people with different interests, behaviour, location, demographic, age, gender, etc.
  • You can run an A/B test with your different advertisement campaigns to check which campaign is performing best for you.
  • It is easy to run social media ads for your brand or products.
  • Social media marketing is cost-effective.
  • Social media marketing is easy to start. Even you can start with facebook marketplace, the easiest way to start social media marketing.
  • You can run different types of ads to influence more and more people.

Importance of Social Media Marketing for Small Business

If you are a small business then you can use social media platforms to acquire customers for your business.

Here is an example

One of my friends “Kiran” who is in furniture and modular kitchen designing business. He has hired a small workspace on rent to design furnitures.

Now twist starts here, if Kiran sells all his furnitures from his local shop only, then he gets about 5-10 customers per month, that is not enough for his success.

So what Kiran did, he started finding customers online. For it, he started doing social media marketing.

He setup a website on his brand’s name TR-Furnitures and he started driving traffic to his site using paid ads on social media.

That helped Kiran to gain tons of visitors for his site, and dozens of customers also, who are willing to pay Kiran for his work.

Now Kiran has learned a lot more strategies and he is testing many things out that what works for his business and what not?

Along with it he has started learning SEO and content marketing to gain tons of free traffic for his site.

Importance of Social Media Maketing for Startups

Do you know? Kiran had a startup in 2019 his father had not given him a top-rated furniture showroom.

So he started a small furniture shop in mid 2019 and he spent almost 8-10 months on his local shop only hoping that he will get dozens of customers.

But nothing happened as he expected.

So, what he did? He started social media marketing to acquire customers for his business.

Now he has a small regret, instead of finding customers locally if he started finding them using social media marketing from the first day of his startup. He could make his 8 months productive which he wasted.

Why Social Media Marekting is Famous?

Social media marketing is a bit famous and useful for the following reasons-

  • It is cost-effective, even with $1 you can start social media marketing.
  • It’s most targeted than any other marketing strategy, you can target and reach those audiences who matter most to you and your business.
  • You get dozens of testing tools to test out your campaigns that which one is performing better for you.
  • Social media platforms have millions even billions of users, that means you can find all variety of audiences for your business.
  • Social media and the internet have become a part of life, without these things humans can’t imagine their life.

Top Ways For Social Media Marketing?

Now at this point, you came to know that how important the social media marketing is?

Now keep reading this article to find out those ways by which social media marketing is done?

To start your appearance on social media you can use two ways either free or paid.

Let’s understand them one by one-

The free way of social media marketing-

I am pretty sure you might have heard about social media influencer.

Social media influencers are those people who have tens of thousands of fan following, some of them have millions of followers.

Social media influencers influence their followers or fans with their appearance, personality, skills, etc.

Here is an example of Cristiano Ronaldo-

Cristiono is the second most followed instagram account after Instagram itself.

Instagram influemcer

Now what Cristino do with his account?

He is uploading post for his account and for his fans. And he is earning tones of money as an instagram influencer. But how?

As you will visit Cristiano’s instagram profile. He has given a link to his website on the bio, so that his fans can surf his website directly through his instagram account.

How to become instagram influemcer

Now what cristino do after sending people to his website?

He simply collects the emails of them to promote new products, promotions, carrier events, etc.

How inatagram influemcer earn money

And he earns money by doing so.

Along with it Cristino can promote products from his instagram account itslef. And many more things which he can do to earn money because he has following.

The paid Way of Social Media Marketing

Think of one who just has started, he doesn’s has following on social media.

But he wants his brand to grow up. He wants to earn decent money with the help of digital marketing.

Then such person can use paid ways of social media markeing.

Social media platforms are designed to help brands and people. And they are designed to connect businesses and people, so that they can interact with each other.

Social media platforms are also designed to keep the startups in mind.

If in case someone has just started with his business and no one knows him, no one knows about his business but he wants to grow himself using social media platforms in a short time, then he can use the paid ways of social media platforms.

And that’s the reason behind you are searching the importance of social media marketing.

So if you don’t have time to grow up your following on social media or you think “instead of growing social media followers I will focus on growing my business”.

Then you can use the paid advertisements provided by social media platforms, to acquire customers for your business.

You can run a variety of advertisements on social media like, photo ads, video ads, collection ads, crasoul ads, etc while targeting the audience which matter most to you and your business.

That is the reason behind the earnings of social media platforms, that they earn billions of dollars. Click here to know more about how Instagram earns billions of dollars as it’s ads revenue.

Paid Advertisements on Social Media platforms are Cost Effective

Do you know? Running advertisements on social media platforms are cost-effective and easy.

You can start with $1/day also, and you can spend on advertisement as much as you want.

Social media platforms are designed to enhance the marketing experience, and the best thing about these platforms is, anyone can use them to reach and engage people.

Social media platforms are booming in the industry with all kinds of people who are different from each other, some have different interests, some have a different job status, etc.

That helps brands or businesses to target the right audiences for them.


Through this article, I tried my hard research to provide you the best notes on the importance of social media marketing.

Along with it, I shared some real-life and best examples with you so that you can relate things more better.

If you still feel any doubt, feel free to ask me in the comment section.

Or you can drop me a comment to let me know, how you think this article was.

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