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Drive huge traffic to any website

Whether you want to grow your business or want to start writing blogs. Traffic is the essential need for every website. Many people search on google how to drive traffic to website? Whether your site is newly created or your site is older. In this article you will learn to drive huge traffic to any website. In this article I will share your free and paid both techniques which will help you in driving massive traffic to your website. All the techniques are proven and implemented before what you need is just Re-implement all of them as they are. Let’s read them one by one.

Table of Contents

  • Need of Traffic for your site.
  • TOP Sources where you can get traffic.
  • SEO
  • Backlinks
  • Some paid Sources
  • Guest Posts
  • Conclusion

Note, This article may contain some affiliate links. These links are here not for our earnings but to provide you the best resources.

Need of Traffic For Your Site

Well, you want to run your business or want to start blogging , you may be wondering to start digital marketing or affiliate marketing. Whatever you may be wondering the essential need for everything is traffic or visitors, who can land on your site and can involve in such activities which you want them to involve.

Creating websites and uploading content is on thing, but the another most important thing is driving traffic to that content. And many people loose the game of getting traffic to their site. Because they are unaware of growth techniques which they should implement which can help them to get traffic on their site. Most bloggers or content creators start writing blogs, by thinking that they will earn money, but they failed in getting traffic to their site. There may be two reasons behind their failure whether they don’t know the proper SEO techniques or they don’t work over their site due to laziness.

But what? If you have created a site and getting enough traffic to your site and your visitors are doing same which you want them to do after coming on your site. If you are selling them digital products and they are buying from you. You are doing affiliate marketing. and people are buying through your link. You are writing blogs and people are reading them. Then the game of earning will be so much easier for you.

Remember whatever I am going to share you in this article is 100% effective and proven. So if you will do the same as I tell you to do. Within few months you also will start driving enormous amount of traffic to your website. But keep in mind every free technique will take time, hard work and the most important passions. So keep implementing them.

Top Sources where you can get traffic

You want traffic to website so, you have to use some sources or mediums by which you will get traffic to your site. Or you will get traffic with the help of SEO, or you will run paid ads to drive people to your site. With the help of mediums and with the help of SEO, driving traffic to your site is free, but if you choose paid ads then you have to spend money. So I am going to tell you how you can get free traffic.

  • Quora, quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. It’s a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute unique insights and quality answers. You can use qoura to get direct traffic to your site. Just go to create your account their and choose on which topic(niche) you can answer. Then provide the direct link of your website and ask them to click over your site’s link to read in depth. Here is an example-
  • Blogger, Publish your passions your way. Whether you’ d like to share your knowledge, experiences or the latest news, create a unique and beautiful blogger profile and start writing blogs their for free. Blogger is a free blog community where you can write blogs for free and your chances are good to earn money from these blogs. But still I would recommend you to write blogs on your personal site instead of blogger. But you can write blogs on blogger also along with your site to send visitors to your site.
  • Instagram, Instagram is an American photo and video sharing social networking service. You can use instagram as your traffic machine. You can create page on instagram and start uploading post related to your niche. Later on you can drive traffic to your site from instagram and can boost your social media following.
  • Facebook, you can share the link your blogs on facebook and can drive from their.
  • Twitter, you can use twitter to drive direct traffic to your site, you can write tweets and you can provide your website link for people who reads your tweets, so that they can visit your website and can find some useful knowledge.


SEO is one of the best way to get enormous amount of traffic to any site. Well SEO takes time but it gives result. And once if your site will start getting organic visitors from SEO only. Then you will not need to implement any other technique to drive traffic.

So here I would like to force you to start doing proper SEO of your site, if you are not doing it. Because SEO is one of the best ways to drive free traffic from google to any website. Because with SEO google determines which site should rank on top positions on google. Google wants its users to make fully satisfied for it Google tries to provide them best answers relates to their query. If your site is well structured and it scores high in SEO term, your chances are high to rank on google. The higher you will rank on google the more click and visitors you will get on your site. Whether you are running a business or creating content, or you are a affiliate marketer SEO is most important for everyone.

SEO decides your ranking factor whether your site will rank on top positions or not.


Backlink is a link created by another website which directs to your website. It’s a link from another website to your website, which drives people or web crawlers to your website. Back links has a major role in terms of SEO.

Backlinks are so important for your site it gives signal to search engine that your site has awesome content. It helps your site to rank well on Google. You can get backlinks to your site from another sites and you also can provide backlinks from your site to another sites.

Note:- I personally have seen many website which are ranking on top positions without any backlink or with zero back links. But still back links are important in terms of SEO.

Some Paid Sources

Paid sources can help you in getting as much as traffic you want but it costs you money. Paid sources gives you instant result but for it you have to spend money. Here are some Paid sources which you can use to drive traffic to your site.

Facebook Ads, Facebook is one of the most efficient ways to advertise online. Facebook connect businesses with all the right people on any device with Facebook. You can use facebook ads to run some traffic ads by creating campaigns where you can choose your goal as Website Traffic.

Google Ads, You can run ads on Google to get more visitors on your site. Before running ads on Google first of all choose the right keywords for which you want to show ads. You can do this with the help of Google keyword planner. And you can create ads for your website.

YouTube Ads, YouTube ads is the best place to run video ads. You can run ads on youtube. but I would recommend you to run ads on Google only. Because your site is available on Google so it will drive visitors from search engine to your site directly. It’s a way more helpful and your site will be shown on the top results on Google if you run ads.

Guest Posts

Guest Post means “you are writing and publishing blogs on other’s site as a guest” guest post is the way why which you write blogs on other sites and you can permit others to write blogs on your site as a guest. Benifits of writing guest posts is you can reach to more people and you can provide backlink for your site in your guest blog. I also offers collaborations and guest post on my site, so that people can connect and collaborate with me and my audiences.


In this article I tried my best to provide you the useful knowledge. If you will implement all the techniques which i have described in this article, soon you will be driving free traffic to your website. All of the techniques are proven and they have used before by me and lot of experts and they work. What you need is just implement them as they are and start seeing results. Generally SEO takes time to show results but it works so, don’t loose hope. Keep working and soon you will get results. Just keep working to drive traffic to your website.

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