A Full Beginner’s Guide to Amazon Affiliate Marketing [Step-By-Step]

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Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce websites, which sells millions of products and generate billions of revenue. You also can start amazon affiliate marketing in order to earn decent money.

Amazon provides affiliate programs or the Amazon associates program for affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketing is the easiest way to monetize your website or blog in order to generate revenue from it. And the concept of affiliate marketing is pretty simple, If the visitors on your website or blog purchase through your affiliate links you get commission.

Meanwhile, there are hundreds of ways to promote affiliate links such as Social Media instead of blogging. But content marketing(Blogging) is the most preferred way to affiliate marketing.

But the question is how to get started with affiliate marketing? And how to get customers to buy through your links?

If you don’t know what is affiliate marketing? Then I have written an in-depth article about affiliate marketing kindly click here to read it. Because this article is all about starting affiliate marketing with Amazon but all the basics have been covered up in the last article. So read it if you don’t know the basics that what is affiliate marketing, and how it works?


  • What is Amazon’s affiliate marketing?
  • Steps to join amazon associates
  • How to choose the best products to promote?
  • Your commission on promoting products
  • How to promote Amazon products?
  • points to remember while promoting products
  • conclusion

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What is Amazon Affiliate marketing?

Definition from Amazon itself “Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program that allows website owners and bloggers to create links and earn referral fees when customers click through and buy products from Amazon. … Provide consumers the convenience of referring them to a trusted site where they can immediately purchase products you advertise.”

How to Signup for Amazon Associates Account?

Firstly, you have to join the Amazon associate’s program in order to promote products and earn money. Follow these steps to join Amazon associates

Step 1

Go to https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/ or click here

After clicking you will redirect to Amazon associates landing page.

This is the Amazon associates landing page where you can read all the info. About the program.

Step 2

now choose your region from the top right in my case it’s India.

Step 3

After choosing your region click on signup

Step 4

After clicking on the signup button fill all the details which Amazon asks you in order to create your Amazon Associates account.

After filling all the details your account will be created on amazon associates now you can start referring products and ready to do the Amazon affiliate marketing, but how? Keep reading to know.

How to choose the best products to promote? Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Amazon provides millions of products but the problem is you can’t promote all the products at once. So its time to pick up some best products to promote.

You can keep the following things in mind to choose the best products to promote using Amazon affiliate marketing-

  • Choose the products which you can sell easily, about which you have some information and knowledge, so that you can describe it easily.
  • The best seller products are the best to promote because they are a bit famous, that means, people already know about them, you will not need to describe it so much in order to sell it.
  • Choose the products which has a high ratings of at least 4.0.
  • There must be some demand of that product at least.
  • Choose the products which have enough reviews.

Commission on promoting products

Amazon give different commission rates on promoting different products, the commission rates are described below-

Product CategoryFixed Advertising Rates
Apparel & Accessories | Luggage & Bags | Watches | Shoes9℅
Toys & Baby Products | Home | Kitchen Appliances | Kitchen & Housewares9℅
Sports, Fitness & Outdoors | DIY & Tools9℅
Books | Grocery & Gourmet | Pantry | Office & Stationery8℅
Health, Beauty & Personal care | Personal Care Appliances8℅
Jewellery (Excluding silver & Gold coins) | Car, Motorbike, Industrial & Scientific Products | Musical Instruments8℅
Large Appliances | Movies | Music | Software | Video Games4℅
Televisions | Computers |Consumer Electronics & Accessories (excl. Data Storage Devices) | Mobile Accessories2-2.5℅
Mobile Phones* | Bicycles & Heavy Gym Equipment | Tyres & Rims0.2%
Data Storage Devices
Gold & Silver Coins
All Other Categories (Furniture| Kindle devices & E-books| Fire TV stick & other Amazon devices | Others)
NEW: Mobile Phones at 1% Fixed Advertising Fee
1) OnePlus: 8, 8Pro, 7T Pro, 7T Pro McLaren, 7T, 7 Pro
2) Samsung: S10
3) OPPO: Find X2, X2 Pro

You can click here for more info

How to promote Amazon Associates products?

We want the conversions at all, for it, we have to promote products so that people can buy through our link. For it, you can promote Amazon’s products on 1 Website, 2 Facebook, 3 Instagram, 4 Pinterest, 5 YouTube.

How to Promote Amazon products on different platforms?

  1. How to promote Amazon products on website?

    You can promote products through blogs and people will read your blogs and buy through your link. This is the best way to promote products and earn commission.
    You can write reviews of products in your blog where you describe everything about that product and tell people to buy through your link.
    Click here to start a blogging site

  2. How To Promote Amazon Products On Facebook?

    You can use Facebook also to promote amazon’s products. Facebook is the most leading social media network with 2Billion+ active users.
    You can create a separate page about your products on Facebook and tell people to like and follow your page. You can share the product links inside your feed so that your friends and other people can go and buy through that link.
    If you have the money you can run some paid ads on Facebook to get more reach and more sales.

  3. How to Promote Amazon Products On Instagram?

    create stories, keep engaging with your followers, consistency is most important if you promote Amazon products using Instagram. Use proper hashtags and Instagram SEO to get more organic reach. Once your posts and stories will start reaching more and more people you will start generating more and more sales.

  4. How to promote Amazon products on Pinterest?

    You can create boards and pins of your products on Pinterest in order to promote them.
    Just go to pinterest.com and create your profile there and start creating boards and pins of your products so that they can be reached among more and more people. Keep consistency to gain followers.

  5. How to promote Amazon products on YouTube?

    create a YouTube unboxing or review channel and start reviewing and unboxing the products. Learn basic YouTube SEO to get more viewers and subscribers. Provide your affiliate links inside the description and ask people to buy through that link. Upload videos with consistancy, upload at least 1 video every day, in order to gain potential viewers and more subscribers and views

Points to Remember While Promoting Amazon Affiliate Marketing Products

You can keep the following things in mind while promoting the products

  • Promote Always promote genuine products so that your customer can trust you in order to close him again for the second time.
  • Describe the details of the product in-depth which you are promoting so that your customer can make better decisions.
  • Always polite while promoting any product don’t be aggressive.
  • Many people will not buy through your link but few of them will buy so don’t lose hope keep promoting and keep working.
  • Never distract your customer by providing your affiliate link on your blog again and again. Keep in mind you are here to help people, not for your earning so help them as much as possible, they will automatically buy from you if they like you.
  • Don’t promote multiple products at once, if you want to promote multiple products just separate them with a proper strategy so that you can get more sales and clicks.
  • Always try to do affiliate marketing by blogs and videos it’s better and easy.
  • If you are getting good revenue from affiliate marketing kindly avoid Google Adsense for the clean and clear appearance of your site.


In this article, my goal was to help you in starting the affiliate marketing you can start affiliate marketing today and soon you can start earning a good amount of commission.

If you want organic traffic to your blog or videos you will have to keep patience. Because SEO takes time to give you results.

The most important thing is don’t lose hope at all keep working keep promoting..!

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