What Is Niche Blogging and How To Start It?

What Is Niche Blogging and How To Start It?

If you made up your mind to start blogging or niche blogging then, wait for the few minutes and read this article, before taking any decision.

Blogging is a very awesome thing and it has a lot more potential but only, when you do it right. So what’s the right path of blogging? It’s here in this article.

Now as a blogger you have two options you can blog about everything you know or you can blog about the one thing which you know very well.

You will set up a website first to start blogging, now you have to choose you will write about everything you know or you will write about only one thing which you know very well.

If you say “I’ll write about one thing”, Then you probably going to start Niche-Blogging.


  • What is niche blogging?
  • Niche Blog Examples
  • How to start niche blogging?
  • How to find right niche?
  • Conclusion

What is niche blogging?

In niche blogging, typically a full website and all the blog posts are created around a particular niche. Which helps in a higher ranking on google as well as user to surf and understand your website better.

Other than niche blogging helps you in many more ways. You get all the interested visitors of the same niche which you are blogging about, which means you can promote the products related to that niche using affiliate marketing. Or you can create your own products and can promote them among your niche audience.

You can do email marketing and can collect the emails of your niche audience.

If you create a website around a separate niche and put all the contents on your website related to that niche. Your chances are higher to rank on Google because Google loves content with cleannes.

Niche blogging also helps your visitors to get all the contents in one place only, which they want to get so that they don’t need to go on another site again and again.

You can beneficiate and get love from Google with the help of niche blogging because creating content around the separate niche can build your site authority. And you also creating a step by step tutorials in every single topic on your niche which no one is doing. Which also attracts more visitors to your site. And it also improves the number of returning visitors.

Niche Blog Examples

Here in this section, I am going to give you a few examples and few sites that have created content around the separate niche.

Lifestyle niche, fashion niche, etc. Are the few examples of best niches about which you can start writing blogs. Or any niche which you love to write about, and you have proper knowledge about that niche.

here are the few more example websites

Niche blog example 1- The-Blog-Starter

The-Blog-Starter is the website created by Scott Chow, where Scott uploads all the contents about starting a blogging site.

niche blog examples

Scott has chosen a separate niche and started creating content around it now the website has 38K+ organic visitors per month.

To earn money Scott promotes Web-Hosting, Web Site domains, WordPress plugins as an affiliate marketer.

Niche Blog Example 2-Real-Men-Real-Style

Real-Men-Real-Style is the men’s fashion and grooming site. This site contains a lot more topics about the men’s grooming, style, fashion, living and clothing.

examples of niche blogging

This site has 900000+ monthly visitors.

The owner of this site earns through Google Ads, Affiliate Marketing, and online grooming courses.

Niche Blog Example3- The-Balance-SMB

The-Balance-SMB is the website which shares all the techniques about money making and starting a business.

Niche blog examples

A lot more usefulful stuff is available on that site, this site generally shares all the knowledge about money making and starting a business. If you are running a small business or thinking to start a business, resources on this site can help you a lot.

The-Balance-SMB has 5 Million+ monthly visitors.

How to start niche blogging?

Let’s say you have proper knowledge about health and fitness, and you are a gym trainee. You also love to talk about health and fitness topics and you can write for hours on this niche.

So health and fitness is your niche which is profitable as well as people on a regular basis search about health and fitness niche. Because they want to get fit. In that scenario, you can share your knowledge by writing blogs to those who are searching for health and fitness.

You create all the content around your particular niche that is health and fitness. That means all the visitors on your site will be interested in that niche. Now you can promote products related to the health and fitness niche to earn money.

You can do it by affiliate marketing or you can create your own products.

Niche may be anything health and fitness was just an example. If you are still confused about finding the best niche to write blogs about, read the next section.

How to find right niche?

Keep the following things in mind while choosing a niche to write blogs-

Profitability, you can choose any niche but it must be profitable so that you can earn money from that niche.

Your Interest, You must have an interest in that niche that you have chosen so that you don’t get bored while creating content. If you will get bore you will stop creating content on your selected niche that will lead your failure.

The potential audience for your niche, your niche must have a potential audience or the readers who can read your content.

Trends, Your niche should fit according to trend. Don’t create outdated content which nobody wants to read.

Ease of availability, The physical or digital products related to your niche must be easily available in the market. So that you can promote them through your content which drive more money in your pocket.

The final touch, You can choose any niche, any of them, all are profitable and best. But you have to create the quality content around it, If you will not then, your may not get succeed.


Here in this article, my intention was to help you through your question what is niche blogging? I hope now all your doubts are clear related to that topic.

If you still feel and Doubt, any query or any suggestion feel free to ask me in the comment section.

I’ll try my best to help you out.!

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